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Atlantic City:

(06/11/05) Pictures from our day trip to Atlantic City. For most people, this will be boring, but I decided to post these for us and for my friends who haven't seen the NJ shore towns. We started off the day with me wanting to go to Ocean City and John wanting to ride on a train. (He loves trains.) So we compromised: Atlantic City -- still has a boardwalk and the ocean, and it's only one that you can reach by train. We had a good time. I probably wouldn't post the pictures if we didn't. :P By the way, these were taken with my camera phone, and I haven't figured out the zoom yet. ;)

Lucy the Elephant:

(02/11/06) Growing up in Southern New Jersey, I always have known about the historical Lucy the Elephant: a hotel built in the 1800s in the shape of an elephant. I've driven past it, but finally took the tour. I'm so glad. This was a fun thing to do. Lucy was one of 3 such novelty hotels and the only one remaining. It's fun for me to see how creative we culd be at one time. Imagine: staying in an elephant on your vacation! People taking tours and buying the few souvenier items just support the costs of maintaining this historic landmark, so I was glad to be part of that. Lucy is so famous that when Disney built a resort paying tribute to Atlantic City in its golden era, they commissioned a statue of Lucy for the main hotel's lobby. Here's my photos from the tour and if you're curious about this novel landmark, read more about Lucy on her official website.

Birthday night at the Phillies:

(06/20/06) For my birthday, our friends - Becky, Adam, and Sophia -- got us GREAT seats to the Phillies-Yankees game. I hadn't seen the new stadium, and even without being a big team fan, it was a fantastic night. I ate a lot, had great friends with me, and got to see a good game. I was glad the Yankees won for Becky and Adam's sake: they're HUGE fans. So here's some photos from that night.

Atlantic City:

(07/03/06) We wanted to get down to the shore, but with the gas prices so high, we compromised and took the train to Atlantic City. Not quite the shore experience we wanted but still the shore and we had a good time. We got to see the development of the mall and best of all, dolphins swimming in the ocean! Here are some of our photos from that day.

Ocean City:

(08/05/06) Finally got down to Ocean City this year! Love this boardwalk for the Promenade and the shops. And the ocean was gorgeous along with the weather! Here are some of our photos from the Ocean City Boardwalk.

The Trenton Thunder:

(08/06/06) Continuing the fun weekend, we went to see the minor league team, the Trenton Thunder. The Thunder are obviously based on John's hometown of Trenton, NJ in a very nice stadium along the river. It's the farm team for the NY Yankees and has a 'star', Chase! Chase is a golden retriever who serves as a 'bat boy' and is hugely popular with the fans, including me. ;) After the game, we stopped at John's sister for a picnic, using the RiverLine, a new train that's nicely done and made everything so easy. Here are some of our photos from the Thunder and Ann's house.

Magic Meets 2008:

(07/17/08 - 07/21/08) What is Magic Meets? To put it shortly: a bunch of Disney Geeks get together to have fun, learn some things, and raise money for Make a Wish. Here is the trip report and some of our photos from that weekend.

Walt Disney World:

We've been to Disney World a few times. I wrote what's called a trip report for one of them, and intended to do it for others. As you'll see, I never made it. :D But who knows? Maybe some day; meanwhile, one is up including a lot of photos from the trip. Go here to see those.


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